Custom typography gives a brand an edge, allowing it to create a distinct voice in a noisy visual world.

Typography is one of the visual elements of graphic design. Choosing the right typeface might decide if a project is successful or not. The right typeface gives the right tonality to the brand and helps to differentiate from others. For those who realize the value of this, an exclusive, custom-tailored type family might be the right solution and can become one of the fundamental elements of a project.

There are different options of custom projects. The easiest way would be to choose a typeface from our library and let us change a specific number of letters. While keeping the basic variables we personalize distinctive characters and create a unique exclusive tonality. A few letters might have a big impact if they are chosen wisely. Important in this case is that only the owner of the typeface is allowed to change the fonts.

We can also develop a completely new, perfectly fitting type family especially for the project or company. The reasons why companies decide to go with such an exclusive typeface are widespread. From the designers point of view, the unique visual voice that comes with a custom font is the best argument. From the technical point of view it can also help to solve problems like special environments and exceptional challenges. And such a type project can also be seen from the unemotional, commercial point of view – an interesting fact: When it comes to big companies with a big scope of usage, an exclusively developed typeface could be less expensive than the licensing costs of a retail font.

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